World Bank-International Monetary Fund meetings in Indonesia

On Saturday, in Bali, Indonesia, the Secretary-General participated in the World Bank-International Monetary Fund meetings. He addressed the Development Committee, the Climate Finance Ministerial Meeting and the International Monetary and Financial Committee. In his remarks, he focused on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals, including on how to align global economic policies and financial systems with the 2030 Agenda.


The Secretary-General speaks at IMF Development Committee meeting in Bali. Photo: Grant Ellis/World Bank


Remarks at the International Monetary and Financial Committee:

Remarks at Climate Finance Ministerial Meeting:

Remarks at the Development Committee:

Security Council

On Tuesday, the Secretary-General spoke at a Security Council debate on the role of natural resources in conflicts. He said UN studies show that “more than 40 per cent of internal armed conflicts over the last 60 years have been linked to natural resources” and that, with the increasing impacts of climate change evident in all regions, “the risks are only going to grow.” He said there was “a lot of work to do on this critical issue”. The Secretary-General concluded that “if we address it effectively, we will go a long way towards creating a safe and sustainable world for everyone, now and in the future.”


First meeting of UN Resident Coordinators at gender parity

On Friday, the Secretary-General held a global meeting with UN Resident Coordinators, the leaders of the organization’s country teams. This was the first gathering since gender parity was achieved in the group. In a Tweet, the Secretary-General said “parity is essential to creating a more effective & exemplary UN – and I am committed to achieving it across our organization.”

The Secretary-General meets with UN Resident Coordinators in New York. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

“Ending extreme poverty is not a matter of charity. It is a question of justice”

On Wednesday, the Secretary-General delivered remarks at the observance of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. He said that nearly 1 billion people had escaped poverty since the Day was first observed 25 years ago, but that many were “still being left behind.” The Secretary-General stated that the deprivations that people living in poverty endure every day are a reminder of the “fundamental connection between eradicating extreme poverty and upholding the equal rights of all people.” He also recalled that Sustainable Development Goal 1 is to “end poverty in all its forms, everywhere”. The Secretary-General stressed that “poverty is not inevitable” and that “we must choose to build a fair globalization that creates opportunities for all.”



Africa Dialogues

The Secretary-General spoke at the Africa Dialogue Series 2018 on Wednesday, beginning his remarks by paying tribute to Nelson Mandela and Kofi Annan, “two sons of Africa who continue to inspire us every day.” He also congratulated Dr. Denis Mukwege on his “well-deserved Nobel prize for peace, and also for standing up for the victims of sexual violence in conflict.” He stated that Africa today is driving its own agenda and that a new narrative is taking hold – “of a continent on the move and on the rise.” The Secretary-General said the United Nations believes in “African leadership to solve African problems”, and that the organization is “fully committed to working closely with the African Union in solidarity and respect to seize the vast potential of today’s opportunities.”


Mental Health strategy

On Tuesday, the Secretary-General launched the UN System Workplace Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy and stated that it is a “comprehensive roadmap” for improving the way the organization cares for its staff. “Let us all be part of a healthier workforce as we work for a better world for all,” said the Secretary-General.

Statements and Messages

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Next Week

Wednesday is the observance of UN Day, marking the birthday of the organization’s founding Charter. On Thursday, the Secretary-General will speak at a Security Council meeting on Women, Peace and Security.