“Let’s keep proving our worth through action”

On Wednesday, in an informal briefing to the General Assembly, the Secretary-General noted that while “we face a world of trouble,” the gains of 2018 show that “when we work together… we get things done.” Looking ahead to 2019, the Secretary-General stressed the need not only to uphold universal values at a time of rising inequality and intolerance, but to bring those values to life through accelerated work on climate change, the Sustainable Development Goals and other vital matters to show that the United Nations is attuned to the needs and aspirations of the world’s people.  Continuing that theme in his first press conference of the year on Friday, the Secretary-General said “we need multilateralism more than ever” but emphasized “simply saying this will not make it happen.”  He underscored that many people around the world are being left behind by globalization leading to a “huge deficit of trust” in political establishments and international organizations.  He stressed that “the biggest challenge that governments and institutions face today is to show that we care and to mobilize solutions that respond to people’s fears and anxieties with answers, concrete answers.”  This is essential “to repair broken trust in a broken world and deliver for people.”x

Remarks to informal session of the General Assembly: https://bit.ly/2AMzJhW

Remarks to the press: https://bit.ly/2T6VyQA

Handover Ceremony of the Chairmanship of the Group of 77 and China 

On Tuesday, the Secretary-General congratulated the State of Palestine on assuming this year’s chair of the G77 and China, and thanked the Egyptian Presidency for its “hard work and expert guidance” throughout 2018. The Secretary-General noted that the Group is a “central force in demonstrating that multilateralism is the only way to address our shared challenges.” He said “2019 will be a critical year for our common efforts to end poverty, reduce inequalities, and transition to more inclusive and sustainable economies.”


Statements and Messages

On the car bomb attack in Bogota: https://bit.ly/2REQOVH

On the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: https://bit.ly/2R0KbI5

On the 27th Anniversary of the signing of the Salvadoran Peace Accords: https://bit.ly/2RAiyKT

On the terrorist attack in Nairobi: https://bit.ly/2Md46m3

Senior Appointments

Ms. Sima Samar of Afghanistan and Mr. Juan Gabriel Valdés of Chile to the Secretary-General’s High-Level Advisory Board on Mediation: https://bit.ly/2TZl4XX

Next Week

The Secretary-General will attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.