Crunch time at COP24

It’s crunch time in Katowice, on what it supposed to be the last day of COP24, but the talks are heading for an all-nighter.  It is not unusual for climate conferences to run late—in fact, they all do. But it is always a question of how late.

Most vulnerable countries

Some of the world’s countries that are most vulnerable to climate change took center stage at COP24.  Led by the Marshall Islands, the Climate Vulnerable Forum countries issued a plea for accelerated action. “We are out of time,” said Marshall Island President Hilda Heine in a video. Rising sea levels, she said, threatened the country with extinction, yet that has not stopped the country from submitting a new nationally climate commitment.

The clock is ticking

Ratcheting up the pressure – Tension is rising at COP24 as the clock ticks down on the time available to complete the Paris Agreement Work Programme—which is supposed to guide countries as they implement the agreement.  UN Secretary-General António Guterres told the meeting that “it is a moment of truth” and that “Katowice must be the dawn of a new determination to unleash the promise of the Paris Agreement.” 

Answers to questions about the

  We’ve been getting questions via email and social media about why the UN’s new climate action bot is only available on Facebook’s “Messenger” platform. This particular campaign was created with support from Facebook and Grey advertising company and harnesses...

COP24: It’s all about Climate Action

Why Katowice? — Katowice may be well known in the region—in fact, it is the capital of the Silesian region.  But it is not a city whose name rolls of the tongue of many world travelers.  So why would Katowice want to host a climate change conference that will attract 30,000 people over a two-week span?

Katowice Corner at COP24

After a night of light snow and sleet, there were rays of sunshine this morning as the 197 parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change descended on Katowice to begin their deliberations to finalize the rulebook for implementing the Paris Agreemen

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