Some #UNGA social media highlights

Giant hashtag outside of UN Headquarters

Last week’s UN General Assembly was full of big moments on social media. The UN Summit on Refugees and Migrants included the launch of a new campaign called “Together” which aims to highlight the economic, cultural and social contributions that migrants and refugees make to countries of origin, transit and destination. It will also counter some of the misinformation and misconceptions on refugees and migrants and encourage contact between refugees, migrants and those in the destination countries.

VIP Social Media Space

In addition to covering all the events, we joined forces with UNICEF to set up a “VIP Social Media Space” where world leaders, celebrity supporters and UN officials could come by to create special content for social media fans and followers. As you can see from the photo above, it was quite busy!

See below for some of the content created there.


Cinemagraph portraits

Photographer Robert Clark, joined by a crew from Flixel, set up a studio and produced special “cinemagraph” portraits posted exclusively on the UN Instagram account.


Facebook Live Interviews

UN staff asked the questions and world leaders, senior officials and other experts were happy to answer live on Facebook.


Delegates, staff and journalists were using Snapchat to show their unique mobile-only perspectives. Since it disappears after 24 hours, we can’t show you the best posts but above is just one example. Follow “united-nations” all year long to get updates on Snapchat.


VIP Social Media Space

Always popular at UN events is the Twitter Mirror which allows participants to take and digitally sign “selfie” photos or to record a 30-second or less video. Solar Impulse pilot Bertrand Piccard was one of many who took part.

Weibo, a Chinese-language platform, also had a team on site to cover all the action and, in addition to posts in English, our content was, as always, adapted into the six official languages.

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A recap of #UNGA activities on Wednesday

Halfway through the busiest week at United Nations Headquarters in New York, check out some of the highlights of the day at the General Assembly.

Only nine months after the Paris climate conference, the world took an important step towards #ParisAgreement at the #UNGA:  60 countries – representing 47.5% of emissions – joined the treaty, nearing the 55% needed to enter into force. As Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, a “great day for the planet, for multilateralism and for our sustainable development agenda”.

The Annual Treaty Event opened, giving countries the opportunity to sign or become party to treaties on a wide array of international issues:  disarmament, the law of the sea, trade and transport, the protection of human rights, the fight against terrorism, and the preservation of the environment. 

The Security Council held meetings on Syria and Colombia. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on Council members to fully support his Special Envoy, recalling that “300,000 Syrians have been killed, half of the country’s population has been uprooted, and much of its infrastructure lies in ruins”.

UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura reaffirmed that he is ready to present to the parties a draft framework of proposals as a starting point for negotiations for a Syrian-owned and Syrian-led political transition.

Leaders also endorsed a political declaration to act on fighting antimicrobial resistance, also known as “drug resistance,” which threatens our  ability to prevent and treat a wide range of deadly infections, including HIV, malaria and tuberculosis, besides compromising surgeries and cancer chemotherapy.

Leaders and luminaries stopped by the #UNGA VIP Social Media Space to take part in Facebook Lives:

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