A recap of #UNGA activities on Wednesday

Halfway through the busiest week at United Nations Headquarters in New York, check out some of the highlights of the day at the General Assembly.

Only nine months after the Paris climate conference, the world took an important step towards #ParisAgreement at the #UNGA:  60 countries – representing 47.5% of emissions – joined the treaty, nearing the 55% needed to enter into force. As Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, a “great day for the planet, for multilateralism and for our sustainable development agenda”.

The Annual Treaty Event opened, giving countries the opportunity to sign or become party to treaties on a wide array of international issues:  disarmament, the law of the sea, trade and transport, the protection of human rights, the fight against terrorism, and the preservation of the environment. 

The Security Council held meetings on Syria and Colombia. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on Council members to fully support his Special Envoy, recalling that “300,000 Syrians have been killed, half of the country’s population has been uprooted, and much of its infrastructure lies in ruins”.

UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura reaffirmed that he is ready to present to the parties a draft framework of proposals as a starting point for negotiations for a Syrian-owned and Syrian-led political transition.

Leaders also endorsed a political declaration to act on fighting antimicrobial resistance, also known as “drug resistance,” which threatens our  ability to prevent and treat a wide range of deadly infections, including HIV, malaria and tuberculosis, besides compromising surgeries and cancer chemotherapy.

Leaders and luminaries stopped by the #UNGA VIP Social Media Space to take part in Facebook Lives:

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What’s going on at the #UNGA this Wednesday?

As the second day of the General Debate  continues, action on climate change is in focus at UN Headquarters in New York. First thing in the morning, leaders will be present instruments of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession to the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Leaders will also commit to fighting antimicrobial resistance, also known as “drug resistance,” which threatens our ability to prevent and treat an ever-increasing range of deadly infections. Globally, 480 000 people develop multi-drug resistant tuberculosis each year, and antimicrobial resistance is complicating the fight against HIV and malaria. Without antibiotics, the major surgery and cancer chemotherapy are also compromised. Antimicrobial resistance is a serious threat.

To deliver on the Paris Agreement, the world needs action and investment on an unprecedented scale. Getting there requires innovation – in technology, policy, entrepreneurship and financing. Many side events on Wednesday, like this one organized by the World Bank, will discuss this and more.

Last but not least, September 21st is the International Day of Peace. Special events were held in NYC last Friday at UN Headquarters with Michael Douglas, Leonardo Dicaprio, Steve Wonder and other Messengers of Peace.

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