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What was it like to be in Rio for both the 1992 and 2012 conferences?

In this blog post, spokesperson for Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development and veteran United Nations staff member Pragati Pascale reflects on her experience being at the first Rio Earth Summit. How did you get involved with the first Earth Summit, and what was your role? I saw an article that the UN would be holding this major conference on environment and development, and I thought, wow, that would be very interesting to work on, so I asked around for who would be working on it, and I expressed my interest at an early stage. For over a year, we worked on the communications leading up to the Earth Summit. This was before the days of the Internet and e-mail – can you imagine that?  Even the fax machine was just coming out – I don’t think we had one until after the conference. At the Summit itself, we had over 9,000 journalists – it may have been the biggest press participation we ever had at a UN conference.  I worked with the Conference Spokesperson’s team on organizing the press conference schedule – which was chock-a- block from morning to evening, for two weeks straight — and getting the journalists the information they needed. It was the first time that the UN put on such a large-scale event, and we were not totally prepared for the numbers.  I remember...

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Visit Wikicurve to be part of Sustainable Development History!

Do you want to be part of history? Have your say by contributing to this online initiative called Wikicurve! This website tracks the progress and history of the following global issues: Sustainable Development Goals The Green Economy Action and Concern on Biodiversity Action on Climate Change To find out more and be a part of the process register online at To connect with Wikicurve follow them on Twitter, or see their Facebook page for more...

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Growing up with Rio: The World Bank

The World Bank has been following the lives of several people around the world, all born in the time of the last Rio summit on sustainable development in 1992. Watch this video or subscribe to their YouTube channel for details on world progress in sustainable development, and how The World Bank is putting the environment first.   More World Bank videos: Natural capital and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia What the World Bank is doing to put the environment first Global Partnership for Oceans For more information on Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference visit these websites: Rio+20: United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development The Future We...

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