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Author: sbirch

Unearthing the value of sustainable agriculture

The beauty of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is the interdependence and mutuality of its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Progress against one goal generates progress for all. Nowhere are these linkages more evident than in SDG 2 on Zero Hunger. Tackling SDG 2 outcomes on food, nutrition and land-use will help deliver progress across all 17 goals—from improving health to addressing gender equality to climate change. Take poverty alleviation: studies have shown that for every 10 per cent increase in farm yields, there was a 7 per cent reduction in poverty in Africa, and a reduction of...

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Local leadership: unlocking the true potential of the Sustainable Development Goals

Far too often we associate leadership with power, status, and authority.  But with this narrow outlook, we often tend to forget about the leaders closest to us: local leaders. These local leaders, the people who care deeply about community issues, who implement initiatives and who shape local development, represent a huge window of opportunity for global social change.  With their direct contact with communities, local leaders are uniquely positioned to push forward ideas, galvanize others and create immediate social impact.  And we believe that harnessing this opportunity is key to fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Local leaders are...

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Health is Real Wealth

On a beautiful morning in April 2017, a happy and healthy baby girl was born at Hospitals Beyond Boundaries (HBB) Maternity Health Centre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Kandura is not the first pride and joy of her parents, but the first one to be born in a safe environment where giving birth is no longer a matter of life and death for both the mother and the baby. I founded Hospitals Beyond Boundaries (HBB) with Dr Wan Abdul Hannah during our days in medical school to build hospitals and clinics run by local communities. A Malaysian non-profit organisation, HBB...

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