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Author: Social Media Team

Rio+20 — 3 Questions for Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Ahead of the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development now getting underway in Brazil, we shared your questions about the Future We Want with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and we sat down with him in his office so he could respond to your questions on video. Here are his answers to three of your questions! David from Mexico wants to know: “How can we convince everyone to use energy more efficiently when in many countries people don’t face energy shortages and are wasteful?” More on sustainable energy for all Kim from Liberia asks, “I’ve just graduated and I’m worried about looking for a job in the midst of the economic recession. What would you say to young people like me just entering the job market?” More on good jobs Eric from New York asks: “Do you believe that there will be a time in the near future where we will have an adequate and available water supply for the entire global community?” More on water for the...

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New energy for all infographic

Why do we need the Rio+20 conference? Sustainable energy transforms lives, economies and the planet. From the UN News Centre: Seven issues, seven experts on energy. Check out this infographic and find out about sustainable energy for...

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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the future HE wants

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has seen your Future We Want posts and we met up with him in his office to record a special message for fans and followers of our social media accounts on the future HE wants! Watch it, share it and tell your fans and followers about the future YOU want. June’s Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development in...

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Social media team

Hello from the UN’s social media team!  Stay tuned for updates. You can also follow us here: Twitter Facebook Google+ Tumblr Pinterest...

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