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Some #UNGA social media highlights

  Last week’s UN General Assembly was full of big moments on social media. The UN Summit on Refugees and Migrants included the launch of a new campaign called “Together” which aims to highlight the economic, cultural and social contributions that migrants and refugees make to countries of origin, transit and destination. It will also counter some of the misinformation and misconceptions on refugees and migrants and encourage contact between refugees, migrants and those in the destination countries. In addition to covering all the events, we joined forces with UNICEF to set up a “VIP Social Media Space” where world leaders, celebrity...

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8 ways to follow the #UNGA online

  Every September, world leaders and dignitaries from around the world gather in New York City for the United Nations General Assembly “General Debate.” In addition, many high-level, special and side events take place at UN Headquarters and around the city. The UN’s Department of Public of Information is committed to welcoming individuals around the world to these meetings via its extensive online coverage. Here are 8 ways you can join the global conversation. 1. Use the official hashtags – #UNGA, #UN4RefugeesMigrants and more Millions of people around the world have signed up for regular updates from the UN’s social media accounts...

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Coming to #UNGA events? Here’s how to get your ID card

Now that the 71st session of the UN General Assembly is underway, it’s time for people coming to attend meetings from all over the world pick up their security access credentials Whether you’re a delegate, journalist, UN staff member or NGO representative, all you need to know is now online. This information has been made available thanks to the UN’s Department of Safety and Security. Follow the UN’s social media accounts all month for important...

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Busy month ahead

Looking for information on how to share content about the upcoming 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly and UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants? Our social media team is ga71_onepager_social to Member States, celebrity supporters and other members of civil society. How to get involved on social media at the...

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Highlights from Monday at the World Humanitarian Summit

The first-ever World Humanitarian Summit opened on Monday in Istanbul, Turkey! The opening ceremony was a journey for humanity through music, images and words, featuring people affected by humanitarian crises. Watch the powerful performances online. As he took the stage, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon joined the President of Turkey, relief activists and international celebrities to urge the global community to shape a different future for the world. Dozens of high-level side events took place at the Summit on Monday, focusing on a range of areas of  humanitarian action. Here are just some highlights: Global and national organizations launched the Education Cannot Wait fund, which aims to provide 13.6 million children and youth in emergencies and protracted crises with quality education over the next five years. Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street, and the International Rescue Committee announced a new partnership to help children and families living in crisis.  At an event on women and girls, UN Women called for women’s rights and empowerment to be central principles of humanitarian action. Every day, some 500 women and girls die from childbirth and pregnancy in areas affected by, or prone to, conflict or natural disaster. Recently-appointed UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador Ashley Judd launched the Safe Birth Even Here campaign to to protect the rights of the women and girls living in humanitarian and fragile settings. Meanwhile, world leaders and celebrity supporters visited the Summit’s Innovation Marketplace...

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