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Author: hisaekawamori

Story from the field: Beirut and the Global Goals

How can media play a role in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 agenda? Our colleagues working in the UNIC-Beirut office believe that media, in all its forms, including online, audiovisual and print, can play a major role in spreading the word about the SDGs in order to empower people with the knowledge necessary to make change possible. Based on this approach, four long-term media partnerships have been established with various outlets in Lebanon, aimed at promoting as widely as possible the SDGs and facilitating their achievement with all concerned parties in Lebanon. The first partnership entails publishing an...

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The story behind the new “” site

The United Nations Publications team has a mandate to promote the work and knowledge of the United Nations, its Funds, Agencies and Programmes to the global audience, complementing ongoing dissemination activities. This outreach targets the general public, policy-makers, librarians, researchers, students and academia through various marketing activities and networks. All proceeds generated by the Sales and Marketing Section go to the general fund to support the work of the Organization. Earlier this year, the section launched, a brand new e-commerce platform-. Designed with brand new technology and employing all the current features the online portal allows customers around the...

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100th edition of UN flagship TV magazine programme ’21st Century’

An eighteen-year-old Afghan migrant trapped in Greece; an Iraqi journalist dodging bullets; an Ethiopian child bride; a former bomb-maker for Al Qaeda now living a normal life; an Indian widow living in poverty; a deaf Finnish rapper; a Guatemalan woman fighting for justice: stories of struggle, hope and danger. All of these real lives have formed the core of short television documentaries produced by the UN for its monthly news magazine programme 21st Century. After eight years in production, 21st Century recently reached its 100th edition. It’s a proud moment for Executive Producer Gill Fickling: “A normal day can find me editing scripts on stories from Congo to the South Caucasus and from Kenya to Palestine; overseeing the recording with our on-screen presenters in the UNTV Studio for both our English 21st Century and French 21ième Siècle; working with our talented editors on new show graphics; or filming a story in a remote village in the Solomon Islands, feeling privileged to tell the stories of such remarkable people in a corner of the planet few get the chance to visit.” 21st Century is distributed to 90 broadcasters worldwide; it’s screened in French by TV5 Monde (audience 250 million), in English by Deutsche Welle (120 million), in Chinese by CBN (30 million), in Turkish by TRT (120 million) among others. Spanish and Arabic versions are also in the works. “It’s not institutional...

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Special event: The Threat of Growing Inequalities

  On the occasion of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Joseph Stiglitz delivered a provocative  keynote address on “The Threat of Growing Inequalities” to a capacity audience in the ECOSOC Chamber at United Nations Headquarters. Joining Nobel Laureate, Joseph Stiglitz for the discussion was an all star line up of intellectuals and world leaders including Professor Riccardo Viale, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute; Michael Doyle, Professor of US, Foreign and Security Policy Columbia University; Fabrizio Barca, the Director General of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance; Jose Antonio Ocampo, Chair of the UN Committee on Development Policy; Irene...

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Guest post: The Women Shepherds of Somaliland

  The UN sends reporters round the world to film some of the world’s most important and under-reported stories for its flagship broadcast “21st Century” which goes out to major broadcasters round the world. UNTV producer Francis Mead and videographer Antonio Tibaldi traveled to Somaliland, the self-declared autonomous state in northern Somalia.  Francis says he won’t forget Beerato, the village where they filmed in central Somaliland. They found a world of dust, sheep, goats, camels – and bold women, insisting on changing their lives – and knowing how to party – dancing, singing and clapping in the Sufi style....

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