Join #UNGA on Social Media

Sep 18, 2021

Learn how you too can take part in the biggest diplomatic week of the year!

Thanks to the power of social media, all of us can be part of the action at this year’s UN General Assembly.

Keeping the Promise Activation

People everywhere — from world leaders to UN staff and senior officials to business leaders to influencers — are invited to make a promise to help achieve a better world for all.

To take part, people can choose from 11 promises — inspired by the #GlobalGoals— in the form of a frame.

After selecting the promise they want to keep, they can add their photo and share the image on their social accounts, inspiring others to do the same.

Make your promise now!

Fight Racism Campaign

The global fight to end racism and all forms of related discrimination is everyone’s moral duty.

We need everyone to speak out and take action!

Use #FightRacism on your social accounts and share with your friends and followers what you are doing to build a more inclusive and tolerant world.

Use #UNGA and check out some other ways to follow the action:







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