Greta takes stage — It’s hard to tell that there are more than 3,000 journalists registered at COP 25, but when Greta Thunberg shows up, it seems like all 3000 are present. This is something that Greta has taken note of. “I noticed there is some media attention. We thought it is our moral duty to use that media attention to lend our voices to those who need to tell their stories,” she told at a press conference. “I will not be speaking. Let others speak,” she said. Greta then yielded the floor to youth that included representatives from developing countries and indigenous peoples.

Capturing carbon dioxide — Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have reached record levels, smashing the 400 parts per million milestone and continuing to rise. While there are other greenhouse gases as well, it is carbon dioxide that plays the largest role in global warming, and it is the gas that lingers the longest in the atmosphere. There are two fundamental strategies for limiting the gas – to reduce emissions or to remove carbon dioxide from the air. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says we need to do both.

Most of the conversation has centered on reducing emissions, and the discussions about carbon removal have traditionally centered on forest protection, as healthy forests, particularly rainforests, can play a significant role. However, emerging technologies can prevent carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere, including carbon capture and storage, which involves capturing CO2 produced by large industrial plants, compressing it for transportation and then injecting it deep into a rock formation at a carefully selected and safe site, where it is permanently stored.

It’s still relatively in its early days, but the Global CCS Institute’s annual report shows that the number of facilities are increasing – there are now 19 in operations and 51 in some stage of development. Brad Page, CEO of the Institute, said, “the climate science is very clear, and time is not on our side. We need to use all the carbon dioxide removal technologies.”

Woodstock+50 — Climate conferences bring out all sorts. There are people urging veganism right outside the exit of the nearby metro stop. And today, one press conference featured Woodstock+50 film director Michael Wadleigh talking about the relationship between the music, science, nature, and climate change, and the need to reduce extractions of minerals.