As Heads of State and government from across the globe gather at United Nations Headquarters in New York today for the opening of the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate, the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres will kick off the Tuesday Morning Session and lay out his agenda for the coming years.

While the theme for the debate of the 72nd session includes ‘focus on people,’ ensuring decent life for all, the UN Chief likely will touch upon the many pressing global political issues ranging from recent nuclear developments in North Korea and terrorism in general to enduring conflicts resulting in troubling migration patterns.

Not only Secretary-General António Guterres will outline the contribution of the United Nations to peace and development,also all dignitaries contributing to the debate have the opportunity to show how their national commitments and pledges translate to maintaining international peace and security, development of friendly relations among nations and promotion of social progress, better living standards and human rights.

Social Media Space

As the tradition of the General Assembly continues, monarchs, presidents and prime ministers the United Nations continues to welcome world leaders in the UN Social Media Space. On Monday the UN Social Media Team welcomed the president of Costa Rica and the President of the General Assembly among many others.

On Tuesday the team hopes to greet representatives from Germany, the Netherlands and many other countries.

Elsewhere taking place at Headquarters is the Young Leaders x World Leaders Breakfast Meeting, jointly organized by Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, Denmark and United Arab Emirates, while the Secretary-General himself hosts a welcome reception in the morning and his State Luncheon in the afternoon.

The UN Development Group hosts a high level discussion, highlighting initiatives and lessons learned to accelerate progress on the SDGs in different country settings, including in vulnerable and conflict affected states.

During the afternoon, Secretary-General António Guterres will likely speak at a UN Women high-level event, Leave No One Behind: Actions and Commitments for Women’s Economic Empowerment.

Towards the later part of the afternoon Uzbekistan’s gift to United Nations will be unveiled, joining a list of countries created by celebrated artists and presented to the world body by its Member States over the past seven decades.