After the high-level “UN Week” kicked off on Sunday evening with a first-ever Facebook Live question and answer session with Secretary-General António Guterres, United Nations Headquarters opened its doors on Monday for heads of state and diplomats attending meetings on UN reform, hurricane Irma and work to end sexual exploitation and abuse.

Many attendees followed the example of UN chief and visited the special UN Social Media Space, joining the global conversation on Facebook, Twitter and many other channels.

Ahead of Tuesdays start of the General Debate, world leaders addressed a wide range of pressing multilateral topics in conference rooms and offices of the iconic UN building. One of these topics is on how to shape the future leadership of the world body.

21st century UN

Value for money while advancing shared values – this is our common goal,” said the UN chief at a high-level event calling for support for UN reforms. Attendees showed support for a 10-point Declaration that aims to simplify procedures and decentralize decisions, with greater transparency, efficiency and accountability, according to Mr. Guterres.

Here’s the video where Secretary-General António Guterres talks about the overhaul of the UN, which is backed by 125+ countries to shape the “21st century UN.”

Climate change

In the wake of Irma, the hurricane that recently crashed through the at the Caribbean, leaving 11  island countries devastated, Secretary-General António Guterres and Miroslav Lajčák, the President of the General Assembly,  co-hosted a high-level meeting aiming to gain high-level political attention to the devastation.

Connecting the Atlantic hurricanes to changes in our climate, the top United Nations officials urged countries to scale up efforts to reduce risks and vulnerabilities and build resilience. They also stressed controlling carbon emissions to help control the rising temperatures, as well as adaptation methods.

The humanitarian relief wing of the United Nations created a short video highlighting some of the assistance the United Nations provided to help tens of thousands of people in need.

Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Secretary-General António Guterres also called upon the world to stand in solidarity to condemn sexual exploitation and abuse. He referred to it as a global menace that must end.

“Sexual exploitation and abuse has no place in our world,” said the UN chief in his address to the High-level Meeting on the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.

Stand in solidarity to condemn sexual exploitation and abuse

Stand in solidarity to condemn sexual exploitation and abuse.

Facebook Live

Here’s who took part in Facebook Live sessions at the UN Social Media Space:

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