UN News on your smart phone: UN Audio Channels and UN News apps

Looking for news on the go? Two mobile phone apps, with updates in form and function, now let smart phone users get live audio from UN meetings and events as well as read UN news direct from the source.

UN Audio Channels: New Look, More Features

UN Audio Channels app (for Android and iOS) is ideal for following the General Debate when you can’t stay in one place. With its dynamic new look and feel, the updated app offers live audio from the UN General Assembly and Security Council in the six official languages, and live audio from the daily press briefings. The app fully integrates the UN News’s Facebook updates, and links to other social media accounts. UN News audio content is available on demand in eight languages – in the six official languages plus Kiswahili and Portuguese. The app uses the smart phone’s data capabilities or, when not available, voice minutes over cellular a connection.

UN News App Now Available in Multiple Languages for both iOS and Android

The UN News app connects the user directly with the latest UN news feeds in all six official languages.  The app refreshes with new stories immediately upon launch and on demand. New features include live video through UN Web TV as well as UNTV features on demand. The app gives easy access via new links to the UN main web site, UN Spokesperson’s Office, UN Peacekeeping, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and The Essential UN, a new compact information resource on the Organization. The UN News app is developed and maintained by the Department of Public Information’s UN Information Office in Almaty (Kazakhstan).

How to get these FREE apps

To download the apps, simply search in the respective app stores for ‘UN Audio Channels’ and ‘UN News” or use the following links on your smartphone:

UN Audio Channels:

Android: http://bit.ly/unaudioand

iOS: http://bit.ly/unaudioios

UN News Reader:

Android: http://bit.ly/UNnewsReader_A

iOS: http://bit.ly/UNnewsReader_iOS