The week starts with lots of action at United Nations General Assembly as leaders from all over the world come to the UN Headquarters to discuss issues that matter to all.

The UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants on Monday marks the first time that world leaders have come together at the UN to address issues affecting both refugees and migrants. At the Summit, countries are expcected to make bold commitment to protect the rights, safety and dignity of refugees and migrants everywhere.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is also expect to launch a new campaign called “TOGETHER — Respect, safety and dignity for all.”  See how his special adviser, Karen AbuZayd, previewed the campaign live on Facebook.

History will be made when the International Organization for Migration (IOM) officially becomes a related organization of the UN.

At this year’s UN Global Compact Private Sector Forum, some of the top minds in business will come together with government leaders to examine the role of business in advancing sustainable development to prevent global instability.

Young people will also have their voice as 17 global citizens recognized for their outstanding leadership in the efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals are named.  They will work with the Office of the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth on efforts to engage young people in the achievement of the SDGs both through strategic opportunities and through their existing initiatives, platforms and networks.

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