In December 2015, United Nations Television achieved a major milestone with the production of show number 1,500 of its short feature series “UN in Action.”

“UN in Action” was created in October 1987 when the Department of Public Information decided that it needed a more cheaply produced short format video feature (instead of the more expensive long format documentaries produced then in 35/16 mm film).

Over the years the series won many awards at film festivals. The series helped to create CNN’s well known programme “CNN World Report.” In fact, UNTV was the very first contributor to CNN World Report. UN in Action stories won “best report” at CNN on many occasions.

The fact that the series remains in production in the six official languages is truly an accomplishment and achievement for United Nations Television. The series boasts a distribution network of some 116 international broadcasters. Several entities – internal and external – post regularly stories from the series on their web pages and distribute them through their own social media platforms.

UN In Action highlights the work of the United Nations in the field and works in close cooperation with UN Agencies, Funds, and Programmes. Topics range from peace-keeping, social and economic issues, justice and human rights, as well as many other themes.

Stories are told from the perspective of beneficiaries, highlighting projects, initiatives and innovative social development ideas implemented by UN staff and NGO partners “on the front lines.” UN in Action helped to create and articulate a style of reporting known today as “development journalism.”

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