Keeping the momentum going after Sunday’s People’s Climate March on Sunday, more than 120 Heads of State and Government will join business and civil society leaders for Tuesday’s UN Climate Summit that aims to mobilize political will for a meaningful legal agreement on climate change in 2015 and deliver concrete new commitments.

The meeting begins at 8 a.m. Follow along using #climate2014 and see @climate2014live on Twitter for updates on all the commitments being made by leaders at the Summit.  Also, expect updates from the UN’s first-ever “Social Media Zone” where world leaders, CEOs and supporters are expected to stop by to share their support for climate action.

Get ideas for how you can take climate action.

The first World Conference on Indigenous Peoples will come to a close on Tuesday and is expected to conclude with the adoption of an action-oriented outcome document on the realization of the rights of all indigenous peoples.

Panel discussion and roundtable sessions will begin at 3 p.m, followed by the closing plenary at 5 p.m. Follow along using the #WCIP2014 hashtag.

Tuesday is the opening day of the annual Treaty Event. Each September, states are asked to commit to new treaty actions whereby they sign or ratify one of the numerous treaties that make up international law. The UN acts as the depository of these treaties.

This year, special emphasis is being made on the Minamata Convention on Mercury which provides a legal framework for global action in decreasing the level of mercury emitted to the atmosphere and released to land, water and the oceans.  By committing to the Convention, Governments will contribute to a transition to a green economy and sustainability of the global environment.

Free & Equal

And don’t miss the snapshots from the LGBT equality photo booth, where delegates will show their support for LGBT equality. Follow #freeandequal to see their photos and find out about the UN Free & Equal campaign.

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