As followers of this blog will know, UN staff have teamed up with the producers and writers of the futuristic TV drama Revolution to help give more depth to the real-world issues reflected in the show’s science fiction world with no electricity.

Using the experiences of UN staff from the field the writers were able to weave in elements of non-fiction into the series, including refugee camps, child soldiers, war lords, disease outbreaks and human trafficking.

Although life without power is the backdrop for the characters on Revolution, it is the day-to-day reality for over 1.3 billion people today. Bringing that reality to the attention of its audiences on TV and through its social media outlets, everyone at Revolution – behind and on-camera – plays a part in supporting the work of all those trying to provide sustainable energy for all.

To learn more about the UN relationship with NBC’s Revolution, watch show writer/producer Trey Callaway talk about the UN’s unique relationship with Revolution at the recent SXSW festival in Austin, TX.

Behind-the-scenes: UN staff on set with cast and crew during the filming of this week’s episode, “Tomorrowland.”