By Mary Ferreira

Montevideo, Uruguay – Covering the visit to Uruguay of the UN Special Rapporteur, Pablo de Greiff, led us to several places in Montevideo including the Supreme Court, the President’s office, and the Office of Human Rights.

Pablo met with government officials and members of civil society, including ex-prisoners and relatives of the “detained disappeared”. For videographer Joaquim Vieira and me, following the rapporteur as he visited various ministries and offices was quite challenging since we had to travel in a separate vehicle, timing precisely when the rapporteur would arrive at the next location.

We met several ex-prisoners who were eager to share their experiences during that tragic period – 1970s to 1980s – in their nation’s history when “Plan Condor” was in operation across several South American countries. They said this was the first time that anyone showed so much interest in their story. We also had opportunities to visit relatives of “the disappeared” who continue to demand the truth some 40 years later.

When asked if he thought that more remains would be found of those who are still listed as “disappeared” and whether the truth would come to light he said, “Some legal initiatives have been taken. There is of course a question of whether each of those initiatives goes far enough to satisfy fully the rights that victims and society have in each of the different areas. But with respect to each of them there has been some legislative and executive action.”

Here is a short clip highlighting some special moments with Pablo, victims, and relatives of the “disappeared”. The full story will be released later.