by Mary Ferreira

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – An assignment to produce a story about youth and democracy, supported by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF), following the 2010 earthquake brought me back to Haiti with cameraman, Joaquim Vieira.

I first visited this Caribbean country in 2007 when there was a strict curfew in place for UN Staff. We had been advised to remain indoors after 6 pm.

Now, despite the earthquake, the country appears less tense. Of course, there is still the constant danger of kidnapping – especially for foreigners – so one needs to be vigilant and careful at all times.

This story took us to a place called Saint Marc, some 90 minutes from Port-au-Prince, the capital city. There we saw young people actively involved in sports, culture, and civic duty. They were passionate about the future of their country, encouraging others to participate in the reconstruction and political processes, especially exercising their right to vote.

One young woman, Lovely, travelled back to Martissant, Port-au-Prince, to show us where she lived when the earthquake struck, destroying her home, causing her to lose everything. Martissant is listed as a red zone district by MINUSTAH. A SWAT team from the Jordanian Battalion accompanied us to ensure safety while filming. Here’s a short clip of that coverage.