Did you know that the UN partners with the creative community in order to achieve our mutual goals of promoting peace and raising awareness of critical global issues?

Building on successful collaborations such as The Interpreter and Che, the UN’s Creative Community Outreach Initiative is proving film, new media, television, and documentary producers around the world with access to information about the work of the UN and its priority issues, as well as offer logistical advice and assistance.

One example, Alias Ruby Blade has been screening at this month’s Tribeca Film Festival.

The film tells the story of the independence of Timor-Leste through the eyes of its first First Lady, Kirsty Sword.  The UN worked with the filmmakers on facilitating logistical support from the United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste and gaining access to archival footage.

More about the film and screening details

On Saturday, 27 April, there will be a Q & A session with Timor-Leste’s Ambassador to the United Nations.

See also:  Momentum website which pays tribute to the Timorese achievements and marks the departure of UN peacekeepers.