The world’s newest treaties are open for signature at this year’s “Treaty Event” taking part while UN Member States gather in New York City for the  United Nations General Assembly.

1. Food Assistance Convention 

The four main goals of the Food Assistance Convention are: to save lives, reduce hunger, improve food security and improve nutrition for the world’s most vulnerable populations.

The convention attempts to help meet these goals by enforcing that parties to the convention must adhere to several principles of food assistance; notably effectiveness and accountability.

The convention also calls for a new Food Assistance Committee to debate issues and share information on food assistance with all stakeholders.

 2. Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on a Communications Procedure

The Convention on the Rights of the Child has 193 state parties. This new optional protocol enables the Committee on the Rights of the Child to receive and consider communications from individuals or groups who have exhausted domestic remedies concerning alleged violations of any convention rights.

The protocol will help the committee be guided by two principles: the best interest of the child and respect for the views of the child. The new protocol also allows the committee to request that a state take immediate action to protect the alleged victim from harm. The committee could also be empowered to conduct inquiries into grave and systematic violations of the rights of the child.

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