Monday is the first day of what is commonly referred to as “UN Week” in New York City. We’ll be using our social media platforms extensively this week to let you know where you can watch what’s happening online and to report on what’s taking place.

Here are a few events taking place on Monday:

The High Level Meeting on the Rule of Law will see leaders of member states commit to strenghtening the rule of law at both the international and national levels. To see what this  means in practice, visit our great Pinterest collection of images on the rule of law around the world. Follow #RoL4Peace for updates on Twitter throughout the day. Watch live online.

The Secretary-General will host a high level group meeting on his Sustainable Energy for All initiative. You can follow the campaign on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter hashtag: #Energy4all.  Watch live online.

Monday is also the opening day of this year’s Treaty Event on Strengthening the Rule of Law. Each September, states are asked to commit to new treaty actions whereby they sign or ratify one of the numerous treaties that make up international law. The UN acts at the depositary of these treaties.

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“2015 is not a final destination. It is only the beginning.”

On Monday afternoon, two meetings will debate the post-2015 agenda on sustainable development and “the future we want,” following on from the Rio+20 conference earlier this year. The first, at the Economic and Social Council, will feature ministers from around the world. You’re invited to join the discussion via FacebookWatch live online.

The second event focusing on civil society will feature high level panelists working on the post-2015 UN process. Follow #Dialogue2015 on Twitter.

In another part of New York City, the Social Good Summit continues, picking up from events taking place earlier in the day in Beijing and Nairobi and in other locations across the world. Follow #SGSGlobal and the live feeds from Mashable.

This list highlights only a few of the events happening on Monday – follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest.

You can also watch press conferences, stakeouts and more live online.

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