By Mary Ferreira and Elizabeth Waruru

Fish stocks

Fish stocks

The fishing industry helps millions of people escape poverty around the world especially those in small island States like Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean.

Some one thousand fishermen living on the south western coast of the island depend on the sea for their livelihoods and to feed their families. But lately, they’re reporting smaller catches. They told UNTV Producer, Mary Ferreira, during an interview that pollution, trawling, and restricted fishing grounds are contributing to the current state of fish stocks in the region.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP, fish is an ideal source of animal protein for more than two billion people worldwide who consume some 100 million tonnes each year. The Government of Trinidad & Tobago is working with private investors to introduce aquaculture to combat the problem of dwindling fish stocks in the country. It’s a solution that has been shared with local fishermen who hesitate to trade their small fishing boats for more lucrative “fish farming” businesses.

A recent report from UNEP also suggests that an investment of US$8 billion annually to rebuild the world’s fisheries would increase catches worldwide to 112 million tonnes per year. Watch this short clip of a fisherman’s story in Trinidad & Tobago.