By Mary Ferreira

NEW YORK  – My colleagues, Leslie Wade and Paul Simon, from the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) requested a short video for an upcoming event on 27 February “Breaking New Ground: Partnerships for More and Better Jobs for Young People” a topic that I’m very passionate about because my own family members are unemployed and some are struggling with jobs below their skill level.

Photo by Victoria Schultz

Photo by Victoria Schultz

But that’s no surprise. The current global economic and financial crisis has affected many people in developed and developing countries and even staffers here at the United Nations.  We’ve had some lay offs in our editing and engineering staff making it difficult to honour DESA’s request.  I didn’t want to say no, so I decided to charge my flipcam and one morning on my way to work, I filmed some footage that would prove useful for the final video.  With this fresh footage, I used some images from past filming missions and more from my colleagues for the edit.  I thought that it would work appropriately since the piece was intended for web use.

Strapped for footage from the Occupy Wall Street movement, I called a former colleague, Victoria Schultz, for permission to use some of her stills which were included in the video. Victoria has been covering OWS for her own photography project for several months now.

After screening the rough cut, there was one adjustment to the script. One of my colleagues in the TV Section, Dina Barazi, recorded the narration and I managed to finalize the piece by deadline. This is a good example of “DOING MORE WITH LESS” as requested by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.