by Mary Ferreira

Our team traveled to New Delhi, Mumbai and Bihar to film a story about India’s growing population.

Crowded Marketplace

Crowded Marketplace

Experts believe that India will overtake China and become the most populous nation on the planet in two decades. Coping with so many people will be challenging for policy makers as more and more people leave rural villages for big cities, like New Delhi, to find work and improve their lives. The most recent census puts the current population at 1.2 billion.

For this story, we found our main character, Ranjeet, working at a construction site in New Delhi and convinced him to visit his relatives back in Bihar and to reunite with his son who remained with his grandparents in the village. Eventually, Ranjeet decided to bring the little boy back with him to New Delhi.  We decided to join Ranjeet on the train to film the journey.  It was a long ride – about 12 hours – before we arrived at our destination but we were able to capture hundreds of striking images and get a sense of what life is really like for the poor.

While following Ranjeet, it was so crowded on the platform that it was difficult to keep up with our camera crew.  Fortunately, after most of the passengers left the terminal, we were able to find each other and regroup to complete the story.