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[UNStories #6] Greenland: The Lookout for Nuclear Explosions

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At a remote outpost in Qaanaaq, northern Greenland, one operator runs an infrasound station year round which detects atomic activity. Script in English [PDF]

MDG 2: Educación

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Malala Yousafzai fue tiroteada y casi asesinada por militantes talibanes en Pakistán cuando regresaba de la escuela a su casa. El haber sobrevivido la ha convertido en una defensora aún más comprometida con la educaci...

MDG 1: Poverty

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For most of their lives, every one of the 1200 fishermen in Tamil Nadu in the south of India described themselves as slaves. They were in debt to money-lenders and a corrupt system ensured that they could never pay of...

MDG 5: Maternal Health

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Child marriage not only violates the human rights of girls, but also gravely threatens their lives, education, and future prospects. When girls are married, they are expected to begin childbearing while still children...

Climate Change 1 – Vietnam: Climate Change Threatens Rice Production

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Vietnam is the world’s second largest exporter of rice and 80 per cent of it is grown in the Mekong Delta, a vast flood plain and one of Asia’s most fertile agricultural zones. But farmers here say the future of rice ...